GIS based Electronic Database & Information Management System (EDIMS) is developed for Rural Electrification Agency in Uganda (REA) supported by Ci-Dev in improving access to energy in rural areas of Uganda and has approved assistance for the development of a programmatic activity under the UNFCCC's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).

EDIMS consist of web and mobile application where web application will facilitate users to view, validate, store and analyze consumer/connection information for every household with other relevant information. EDIMS will help in analyzing the connections under the CDM project, and power consumption of different service providers. It gives access to consumer/connection data and various report generation mechanism to help REA / Govt. of Uganda to track the overall status of electrification and make respective decisions.

Mobile application will provide the facility to capture spatial, attribute and multimedia data in the field. It will be an Android-based Mobile application which focuses on the capture of consumer/connection details (spatial, alphanumeric, and multimedia). The Mobile application facilitates the collection of data in online and offline mode.

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